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Looking for Things to do in Clearwater Beach

We have beautiful sunshine, warm salt air, and the perfect private charter for your group. It’s time to book your…

Experience a Breathtaking Moment of Your Own

Experience a Breathtaking Moment of Your Own

Need something to do in Clearwater Beach?

Explore Clearwater Beach

Explore Clearwater Beach Discover the beauty of Clearwater Beach with Clearwake Watersports! Our customers have seen stunning views of the…

Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins

Watching the dolphins follow the boat today

Looking forward to April

Hard to believe April is here already. March was a fun month out on the water with Clearwake Watersports. Check…

Riding the Waves: Wakesurfing Adventures at Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is a haven for watersport enthusiasts seeking thrills and excitement. Wake surfing is an exhilarating experience combining the…

Experience the Magic: A Spectacular Sunset boat tour at Clearwater Beach

At Clearwater Beach, every sunset is a masterpiece, a symphony of light and color that captivates the senses and nourishes…

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